Picasso said...

God is, above all, an artist.  He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the ant.  He never tried to follow one particular style.  He simply kept on doing whatever he felt like doing. ~ Pablo Picasso   


Essay on 'season's change'

My brother wrote an essay on 'season's change', which is the recent piece in my long-term project The Wear of Needs.

The essay, entitled Cloth of Air: A Guide to the Filipino Overseas, is part of the collection published by Center for Art + Thought.  The collection "traces the spectral absences and presences of diasporic subjects who haunt the inner and outer landscapes of the other places in which they find themselves."

The essay, with the rest of the collection can be accessed here



Indian performance artist Bhuvanesh Kumar created the performative piece GOLDEN SEEDS during the Illicit Bodies event at the National School of Drama in Bangalore in late November.  The piece completes our collaboration, dubbed 2-FACE.  Bhuvi and I will continue to work together to further develop 2-FACE.  


Talk on Ephemeral Practices

Barter in Markets of Resistance.
CCP as experimental space.
Rebranding performances.
Portable Galleries. Museum of Mental Objects.


Update on performance art collaboration

"The Golden Rule", a reaction to rapid urbanism in cities, is a collaboration between Indian artist Bhuvanesh Kumar and Filipino artist Mae Aguinaldo.  It will be performed by Bhuvanesh at the Fearless Speak Festival in Bangalore, India this month.

 The Golden Rule