Talk on Ephemeral Practices

Barter in Markets of Resistance.
CCP as experimental space.
Rebranding performances.
Portable Galleries. Museum of Mental Objects.


Update on performance art collaboration

"The Golden Rule", a reaction to rapid urbanism in cities, is a collaboration between Indian artist Bhuvanesh Kumar and Filipino artist Mae Aguinaldo.  It will be performed by Bhuvanesh at the Fearless Speak Festival in Bangalore, India this month.

 The Golden Rule


Easter egg in Grimms' Fairy Tales 2014 Halloween Special

My art as easter egg in Zenescope's GFT Halloween Special!

It's the purple and black poster pinned on the wall.

C/o comic artist Butch Mapa.



The new HABI book

I've read a third of the book so far.  A good mix of articles on Philippine handwoven textiles from various perspectives.  Some providing discussions on the process of making of textiles.  I hope there would be more of that...


Talk on GIF art

Speed shows.  Rhizome. Green Screens. ASCII code.
Informative. Helpful.