Easter egg in Grimms' Fairy Tales 2014 Halloween Special

My art as easter egg in Zenescope's GFT Halloween Special!

It's the purple and black poster pinned on the wall.

C/o comic artist Butch Mapa.



The new HABI book

I've read a third of the book so far.  A good mix of articles on Philippine handwoven textiles from various perspectives.  Some providing discussions on the process of making of textiles.  I hope there would be more of that...


Talk on GIF art

Speed shows.  Rhizome. Green Screens. ASCII code.
Informative. Helpful.


Work-in-progress a.k.a. gold riddance

Working on a new t-shirt art piece.  This one is a comment on urbanization.  I should ship this soon to get there in time for the performance.  My pet name for this one is "gold riddance"!