Work-in-progress a.k.a. gold riddance

Working on a new t-shirt art piece.  This one is a comment on urbanization.  I should ship this soon to get there in time for the performance.  My pet name for this one is "gold riddance"!


Wear of Needs Project

My current long-term project, Wear of Needs, has a home.  It's www.wearofneeds.wordpress.com.  As I continue working on this project, you will now be able to join me in the journey.  And I hope you do, hope you'd come and visit the site.

Right now the website holds my second piece on the Philippines for the series, entitled "seasons change".  And in the months to come, I will be releasing more content on the project.


My article on artist-artisan collaborations on Hand/Eye

I wrote a brief article on my experience of artist-artisan collaboration during my residency in the Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF) in Indonesia last year.  The article was published in Hand/Eye Magazine a few days ago.

Entrance to the Jatiwangi Art Factory

The Auma belt was one of my projects during my stay there, and JaF helped make it happen. In the article, I also featured the works of two other foreign artists who had similar collaborations during their residencies in JaF  --- I am thankful to Wanda Gillespie of Australia and Mella Jaarsma of Poland for their cooperation.  In the (prolonged) process of arriving at this article, I consulted several folks in Indonesia, I am thankful to them as well.

The Auma belt  

Below is the link to the article:


A response to the Drawing Box

After attending the opening of the Drawing Box show at the Sining Makiling Gallery,  my 5-year old niece made her own set of drawings.

The Elisha Bow

The show will be soon on its way to Bologna, Italy for its next venue - Luci e Ombre.  Happy travels!

Luci e Ombre - photo by Licia Battarra