My article on artist-artisan collaborations on Hand/Eye

I wrote a brief article on my experience of artist-artisan collaboration during my residency in the Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF) in Indonesia last year.  The article was published in Hand/Eye Magazine a few days ago.

Entrance to the Jatiwangi Art Factory

The Auma belt was one of my projects during my stay there, and JaF helped make it happen. In the article, I also featured the works of two other foreign artists who had similar collaborations during their residencies in JaF  --- I am thankful to Wanda Gillespie of Australia and Mella Jaarsma of Poland for their cooperation.  In the (prolonged) process of arriving at this article, I consulted several folks in Indonesia, I am thankful to them as well.

The Auma belt  

Below is the link to the article:


A response to the Drawing Box

After attending the opening of the Drawing Box show at the Sining Makiling Gallery,  my 5-year old niece made her own set of drawings.

The Elisha Bow

The show will be soon on its way to Bologna, Italy for its next venue - Luci e Ombre.  Happy travels!

Luci e Ombre - photo by Licia Battarra


The travelling new media exhibit at the Ayala Museum

This exhibit is another one of my favorite museum visits.  I wish I could have brought along my nieces to this.  Several of the art pieces were interactive that had an element of fun.

These were some of my favorites.