Memorable Art Encounters 2015

from redlist.com
Encountered the above work while researching the works of Salvador Dali.

from bostonglobe.com
It was a good start of my day, reading the article on Janet Echelman's giant installation using high-tech rope.


Grammar of Ornament

Another trusty reference uncovered.  Owen Jones' The Grammar of Ornament.  Found it at the best time - while I'm doing concept development.

"pages and pages of pure pattern [!!!!], adapted from buildings all over the world."

And later this week, the Festival of Extra Ordinary Textiles in a Manila Museum... :D



I made these art riffs over the past couple of months for a number of very good reasons.

I made them to mark special days in my family's life ... and got some help from a few family members too.


arts and culture strategy coursera

I went on a coursera marathon the past few days, and it has been rewarding.  The course that sticks out for me is the Arts and Culture Strategy module via Coursera.org.  You will find the course here.  Good practical tips and information for artists, cultural workers, curators, art managers and other industry players.  It was a fairly well executed course.